We offer you a comprehensive range of measures to ensure and improve the quality of your anodised surfaces. Our experienced experts support you in achieving the highest quality of your products to meet your customers' requirements and increase your competitiveness. We understand that the quality of your products is a crucial factor for the success of your business and therefore we do our utmost to provide you with the best solutions.


Our testing procedures in anodised surface quality management are designed to give you the best results. We use state-of-the-art technology to perform chemical tests, physical tests and visual inspections to ensure that the quality of your anodised surfaces meets the highest standards. We understand that every step in the production process is important and therefore we focus on careful monitoring and control.


Test equipment

We only use the best testing equipment in the quality management of anodised surfaces. Hardness testers, coating thickness gauges and roughness gauges enable us to test your anodised surfaces quickly and accurately. With these tools, we can guarantee the consistent quality of your products. We regularly invest in the latest technology to ensure that our testing equipment is up to date and gives you the best results.


Test equipment

Hardness testers are used to determine the hardness of the anodised surfaces. Coating thickness gauges are required to ensure that the coating thickness of the anodised surfaces meets the requirements. Roughness gauges are used to measure the surface roughness and ensure that it meets the requirements.



    With us as your partner, you can ensure consistent quality of your anodised surfaces, reduce waste and improve the efficiency of your production. In addition, you can increase customer satisfaction by delivering products that meet your customers' requirements and expectations. Our experts will help you identify weak points in the production process and take appropriate measures for improvement.

    QM as a mission

    Our qualified and experienced inspectors in anodised surface quality management play a crucial role in ensuring quality. They are responsible for carrying out quality inspections and have extensive knowledge of test procedures and testing equipment. We rely on continuous training and education to ensure that our employees are always up to date with the latest technology. Our experts bring many years of anodising experience to the table and are able to tackle even complex challenges. We place great emphasis on working closely with our customers to ensure that we understand and can respond to their specific requirements and needs.

    High-tech made in Germany

    We have been audited and certified in quality management and environmental management since 2008. The highest standards are a matter of course for us and are reflected in great acceptance and customer satisfaction.

    We keep emissions low through modern filter systems and save resources through energy recovery.

    A photovoltaic system generates electricity for our own use and is designed for expansion. Other measures such as waste avoidance and proper disposal are a matter of course for us.